Sellma Kasumoviq


How she began: Sellma’s entrepreneurial journey commenced with a childhood passion for art, leading her to draw and paint at a very young age. She seamlessly transferred this artistic zest into the realm of makeup. Self-taught during her teenage years, she embarked on her career as a freelance makeup artist at a makeup shop, where she not only honed her skills but also climbed the ranks to a management position. This experience laid the foundation for the success Sellma enjoys today.


By the end of her twenties, Sellma boldly established one of the country’s pioneering makeup studios – Sellma Beauty. Keen on refining her artistic skills, she pursued further education in Graphic Design, earned a Certificate for TV Beauty Professional Makeup Artist, and has actively participated in numerous prestigious global makeup seminars.

Achieving a tremendous success, Sellma expanded her studio, forging close collaborations with renowned hairstylist Kaci and fashion creator Valdrin Sahiti. Together, they formed a triumvirate of beauty and fashion experts in Prishtina, challenging industry norms.

Sellma, with a classic commitment to creating original, vibrant, and unique work for each client while preserving their personal style, swiftly gained regional and international acclaim. Her achievements and accomplishments were propelled by her dedication, attracting a diverse clientele ranging from daily clients seeking a glamorous moment, to high-profile individuals who entrusted Sellma to shape their image with her masterful craft.

Her work with high profile clients includes:

SINGERS: Dua Lipa / Era Istrefi / Dafina Zeqiri / Inva Mula / Elvana Gjata / Nora Istrefi / Adelina Ismaili / Leonora Jakupi / Hari Mata Hari / Eli Fara / Jonida Maliqi / Luana Vjollca / Xhensila Myrtezaj / Besa Kokedhima / Dhurata Dora / Fjolla Morina / Zajmina Vasjari / Samanta Karavella / Enca / Orhidea Latifi / Kaltrina Selimi / Argjentina Ramosaj / Bleona Qerreti / Genta Ismajli / Lori Hoxha / Yllka Kuqi / Loreta Kacka / Eni Koci / Greta Koci / Esma Redzepova / Nexhmie Pagarusha / TAYNA

ACTRESSES & TV HOSTS: Yllka Gashi / Arta Dobroshi / Gresa Pallaska / Liberta Spahiu / Albana Osmani / Anita Mucaj / Kaltrina Mikushnica / Elita Rudi

MODELS: Camila Braz /Aferdita Dreshaj / Morena Taraku / Agnesa Vuthaj / Xhesika Berberi / Marigona Dragusha / Mirjeta Shala / Zana Krasniqi / Kaltrina Neziri

POLITICIANS: Atifete Jahjaga, President of Kosovo / Vlora Citaku Ambassador of Kosovo in USA / Ulpiana Lama Kosovo Parliament Deputy

COOPERATIONS AND RECOGNITIONS: Sellma has evolved as a Trendsetter and Beauty Influencer earning recognition from many prominent names in the beauty sector, and has established cooperation with them. To name a few:

Huda Beauty – one of the greats in the beauty industry with a total of 30 million followers;

Anastasia Beverly Hills – as one of the most popular and vibrant brands, she has chosen Sellma as the exclusive ambassador for her products in Europe;

Mario Dedivanovic – Kim Kardashians’ personal makeup artist has invited Sellma for multiple makeup gigs and as a special guest in his masterclasses;

Pat MCgrath – the leading global influencer in makeup, collaborating with renowned fashion brands such as Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga, Dolce and Gabbana, continuously admires Sellma’s work and has publicly recognized her talent multiple times on her Instagram account;

Sir John – working as personal makeup artist for Beyonce / Ariel Tejada / Kylie Jenner continuously follows Sellma’s work and has publicly recognized her talent numerous times in her Instagram account;

Fenty Beauty – the makeup line created by music sensation Rihanna, collaborates with Sellma to make beauty more accessible;

Natasha Denona – an esteemed makeup empire of immense regard, with Croatian roots;

Desio Eyes – the Italian contact lenses company known for immaculate lenses that brighten dark eyes and enhance light ones, collaborates with Sellma on many of her makeup looks.

Colour Pop – the popular American cosmetics brand, renowned for its pigmented quality;

CAIA Cosmeticsthe Swedish makeup and skincare company founded by one of the Nordic’s most prolific influencers and industry veterans.

MAC – the Canadian cosmetics company renowned for its high-quality products, has collaborated with Sellma on numerous high-end makeup looks.

Colour Pop – the popular American cosmetics brand, renowned for its pigmented quality;

EBC Cosmetics – the exclusive distributor for Estee Lauder, MAC, DIOR, La Mer, LANCOME, and ARMANI. Cooperating with these industry leaders, Sellma Beauty consistently creates diverse looks, which she then shares them.


Being a committed, innovative, and visionary makeup master, a dream popped into Sellma’s mind back in 2015. This dream, or rather, this visionary concept, aimed to have products meticulously tailored to her exacting standards, solely for use in the makeovers she would apply to her clientele. As she began to take this dream seriously, she delved into the concept of turning it into reality.

Her pursuit led her on a quest to find a producer who could meet her meticulous criteria. After thorough searches, she discovered a fitting collaborator, marking the beginning of a close partnership. Extensive research, development, and testing followed, culminating in the successful launch of the first line of Sellma Lip Matte in September 2016.

Originally intending to apply her first product solely to her clientele, the unexpected happened. The clientele, enthused by the quality, the color, and the desire of being trendy and fancy by having a ‘SELLMA’ product in their bags, began expressing their huge interest on buying the product. This resulted with the Lip Matte becoming an instant hit, sparking a market boom. Sellma, surprised by the fantastic response, decided to embrace the demand and expand her product range, which led to the same popularity as Lip Matte.

Encouraged by this success, Sellma took her vision further. What started as a project for personal use, transformed into a full-fledged venture. Sellma not only expanded her product range but also established an international online shop offering a wide range of makeup goodies for beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

The journey that began as a dream turned into a lit enterprise, making Sellma’s mark not just as a makeup master but as a innovative entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

Eyelashes: In the quest of crafting lash styles that complement and suit any eye shape for every occasion, Sellma launched her exclusive line of lashes. Each pair is meticulously handmade from real mink fur. With unique shapes and 3D layer designs, the lashes are designed to enhance the dimension, depth, and volume of your natural lashes.

Transform your lashes into irresistibly stunning beauties with our lash collection.

Lip Shines: Adding a touch of flavor and a burst of variety to the brand, Sellma introduced her range of lip shines. They come in an array of colors, ranging from light to dark, with tastes that complement their ingredients. Each of them is uniquely named to mirror the distinct look it gives to the lips.

Enhance your allure – make your lips glossier and shinier for an appealing attractive look.

Lip Pencils: Sellma unveiled a line of Lip Pencils that are perfect blend of precision and glamour for your pout. Crafted to define and accentuate your lips, pencils come in an array of shades ranging from subtle neutrals to bold hues. Each pencil is meticulously designed for easy application, creating a flawless outline that lasts.

Elevate your lip game with Sellma’s Lip Pencils.

Brow Pencils: Favorite Celebrity Brow Pencils. Enhance your arch game with Sellma x Sania’s Brow Bar collab. Designed to naturally enhance your brows, they give a whole new dimension to your look, framing your eyes with effortless elegance.

Explore the art of defining beauty with Sellma x Sania’s Brow Bar.

Brushes: Discover Sellma’s superb range of brushes, meticulously designed for flawless application of eyeshadow, concealer, contour, foundation, and beyond. They are absolute game-changers, elevating your makeup routine to an unparalleled level of artistry. Each brush is created with precision bristles that effortlessly blend and define, ensuring a professional finish every time.

Embrace the transformative power of makeup with Sellma’s range of brushes.

Eyeliner: Explore Sellma’s exceptional eyeliner, crafted to define and enhance your eyes with effortless precision. Our eyeliner glides on smoothly, delivering intense color and long-lasting wear. Whether you prefer a bold wing or a subtle line, our eyeliner is designed for versatility, making it a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

Experience the art of eye definition with Sellma’s Eyeliner.

Get ready for the next phase of Sellma’s line, where a wave of new products will hit the shelves, offering something distinctive for each of you. Stay tuned!


Sellma’s dedication to makeup artistry has inspired her to embark on as well a journey into teaching.

Tailored for makeup artists wishing to expand their business, or simply looking to refine their skills, our programs are designed to provide you with practical skills and strategic insights. Whether you’re a makeup professional or just a beginner, our programs focus on empowering you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to broaden your services and boost your earning potential. From basic techniques and bridal makeup to special effects and advanced artistry, our classes offer a hands-on experience tailored to your needs.

Sellma’s numerous workshops and events have inspired countless budding artists to explore, experiment and redefine the boundaries of makeup artistry. 

Join our trainings designed for makeup artists eager to take their careers to new heights and unlock secrets to financial success.