Sellma Kasumoviq


How she began: Sellma’s entrepreneurship journey started with a passion for art as a child, at very early age she loved drawing portraits, growing up she applied her artistic skills in doing make-up. At age of only 14 even though she was self-taught, she started to work as freelance makeup artist, a year after that she started working in a cosmetic store where she also applied her craft for makeup makeovers for clients. Soon after she was managing the store and five years on row people would visit the shop to buy products and have a makeover by Sellma.


Just before turning 20, Sellma established her own Studio Sellma, one of very few make up studios in the country. During the same time she went through proper channels of schooling and trainings, thus obtaining a BA in Graphic Design and Certificate for TV Beauty Professional Makeup Artist – KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP – Beograd, Serbia. Sellma has attented many makeup seminars such as MAC 2010, Inglot 2014, James Vincent Inglot Training 2017 and many others.

After gaining not only local but also regional and international clients Sellma expanded her studio with moving to a new and larger location and started to closely collaborate with known artists hairstylist Kastriot Lleshi KACI and the fashion creator Valdrin Sahiti.

Today, after 15 years of hard work Studio Sellma is the home of many local, regional and world known artists and is a makeover heaven for clients not only from Kosovo but the region and worldwide as well. Studio Sellma has a staff of 14 permanent make-up artists which goes up to 20 during peak season.

Passion and dedication: With lot of hard work, caring and dedication to utilize her talent for creating original makeovers for each client, she succeeded to build a strong clientele ranging from regular to high profile clients and various media agencies in various projects.
Her work with high profile clients includes:

SINGERS: Dua Lipa / Era Istrefi / Dafina Zeqiri / Inva Mula / Elvana Gjata / Nora Istrefi / Adelina Ismaili / Leonora Jakupi / Hari Mata Hari / Eli Fara / Jonida Maliqi / Luana Vjollca / Xhensila Myrtezaj / Besa Kokedhima / Dhurata Dora / Fjolla Morina / Zajmina Vasjari / Samanta Karavella / Enca / Orhidea Latifi / Kaltrina Selimi / Argjentina Ramosaj / Bleona Qerreti / Genta Ismajli / Lori Hoxha / Yllka Kuqi / Loreta Kacka / Eni Koci / Greta Koci / Esma Redzepova / Nexhmie Pagarusha / TAYNA

ACTRESSES & TV HOSTS: Yllka Gashi / Arta Dobroshi / Gresa Pallaska / Liberta Spahiu / Albana Osmani / Anita Mucaj / Kaltrina Mikushnica / Elita Rudi

MODELS: Camila Braz /Aferdita Dreshaj / Morena Taraku / Agnesa Vuthaj / Xhesika Berberi / Marigona Dragusha / Mirjeta Shala / Zana Krasniqi / Kaltrina Neziri

POLITICIANS: Atifete Jahjaga, President of Kosovo / Vlora Citaku Ambassador of Kosovo in USA / Ulpiana Lama Kosovo Parliament Deputy

COLLABORATIONS: Sellma has become a Trend Maker and Beauty Influencer and her work is recognized by many big names in beauty sector. To name few:

Huda Beauty, the number one blogger in the world of makeup with a total of 30 million followers and her own brand has an ongoing collaboration with Sellma, being Sellma doing her make or supporting each other’s work;

Anastasia Beverly Hills, one of the most popular and known brands in makeup industry, has chosen Sellma Studio as the only representor of her products for Europe;

Mario Dedivanovic – Kim Kardashians’ personal make-up artist has invited Sellma to do the makeup of his mother and sister and when in the region he always invites her as special guest to his Master Classes;

Pat MCgrath, the number one global influencer of makeup that works with fashion brands Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga, Dolce and Gabbana, continuously follows Sellma’s work and has publicly recognized her talent numerous times in her Instagram Acc Sir John, working as personal makeup artist for Beyonce / Ariel Tejada / Kylie Jenner continuously follows Sellma’s work and has publicly recognized her talent numerous times in her Instagram Acc


Understanding and studying make up products and knowing which product works well with which skin and look, is a skill Sellma possesses. In 2015 she decided to use this ability for producing her own brand. After working closely with a selected producer and going through loads of research, development and testing, in September 2016 she launched her first line of Matt Lipstistics which proved to be an instant hit product. Since then she has continuously added new products to her brand:

Eyelashes: In search for creating styles of lashes that adapt and suit any eye shape and a variety for every occasion Sellma lashes were launched, they all are produced handmade, some of them are created from human hair, and some others with real mink fur, with unique shapes and 3D layer designs, to add dimension, depth and volume to eyes natural lashes.

LipShines and Lipglosses: To add some flavor and selection to the brand variety, Sellma came up with glosses that vary in color from light to dark, in taste that matches ingredients and names that match the look they give to the lips.

Mascara: The latest addition to make up by Sellma, a Mascara that creates 3D Long Lashes with a formula that helps smooth lashes for even more spectacular shape, coverage, and volume. It creates massive volume without weighing down lashes.

Next phase of production by Sellma will bring more new products, each with something different and more unique.


Sellma’s dedication to make-up artistry has led her to take the journey of teaching as well.

Sellma is an entitled Craft Master of Makeup by the internationally known PhiAcademy under the branch of PhiNesse, that offers trainings in every Country and online courses. Students that attend these makeup courses turn into professional artists in the field of makeup, by learning new trends and techniques.

Sellma is also the head teacher in the Makeup field at the AAB University in Pristina – Kosovo, in the German
Professional School. Students attend makeup courses lead by Sellma that include theory and practice.